Monday, July 19, 2010

The ways that summer inspires us...

It should come as no surprise that my email box is full of photos of people celebrating life out in the wild places of America... It's high summer, which means play time to millions! Even though the heat index in Arizona is reaching "unbearable", there're still dozens of folks out there on the trail and in the mountains, enjoying the best the season has to offer!

This is a "Wendy before we knew what a Wendy was" from Switchflare on the HikeArizona website. This photo is proof that the pose has little to do with personal preference and much more to do with spontaneous exhibitions of joy...

Sirena was lucky enough to have multiple visits to Aravaipa Canyon this season - surrounded by lush trees, fresh water and amazing cliff walls. Yup. It's rough out there!

Rob in Page spends much of his time wandering about the sheer, majestic red cliffs near his home. There's something just so humbling about our own scale compared to that of nature...

There's simply no way I could improve upon Jake's own description: "Half-hippy, half-Richard Nixon"... All Pirate!

And here's my friendly local Hippypunkpirate up on Humphreys Peak near Flagstaff. His second successful summit was not thwarted by wind as his first had been... Of course he had to show his thanks to the weather gods!

Hikergirl and Juliachaos were climbing about the Enchanted it me, or is that strikingly like the beginning of a fairy tale??? Rescue thyselves, fair maidens, from the monotony and boredom of castle life!

The Wendy continues to spread beyond the arid dust of the, Crystal at the Famous and Historic Ma Deeter's in Luzerne Michigan shows the world how she feels about life in Oscoda County! Thanks to my buddy Coanbru for continuing to share the joy...

Jim Lyding shared this one from Mount Spokane State Park in Washington: "Bernhard is my aunt & uncle's neighbor in Coeur d'Alene. He's from Switzerland, and loves hiking as much as any of us". Ya think? Sign 'im up!

The always active and dedicated Angela took Anne out to the Spur Cross area for some exploration of Elephant Mountain. Neither sun, nor heat nor blazing light will keep these ladies from their hike!

Taking the ABC Group to the Channel Islands National Park for two years in a row is AWESOME!

Coming down the Montanon Ridge

Hiking and Camping and Kayaking, oh my!

That was a great ferry ride. Yay for the continent!

This image brought to you care of the letters W and R (for Rincon), as well as the Adobe Photoshop Program!

Shannon does a TRIPLE this month!!! Here on Humpherys, nearly catching flight in the gale force winds as the Schultz fire blazes in her wake!

Here she is in front of Charlotte's Dome in Kings Canyon National Park, doing her "Running Man" - she is a woman of many wonderful poses!

And perhaps our current front runner for Hottie Doin' a Wendy (I'll let you decide which!)
The ABC in Kings Canyon National Park, lovin' the flawless weather and great company - not to mention that it was lunch time!

On the way out of the Sierras, we picked up a through-hiker... No, that's not really like a hitch-hiker, it's more like a regular hiker, only more dedicated, determined and...well...dirty.

And to my brother, who braved the barren wastes to bring you this moment of unfettered joy... Or is he wondering where he left his hat??? ;)

Finally, David teaching a tree in to throw a Wendy in Oak Creek Canyon. This movement cannot be stopped!

The most current map of the Wendy as tracked on (international version coming soon!)

Get out there!