Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Climbing mountains and Exploring Ruins...

Something about the approach of fall just makes it the perfect time to go climb a mountain!

Nick Fraley on Pusch Peak 09/09 - Enthusiasm and views at their very best!

Joe on Malpais Mountain in the Superstitions - foreboding clouds can't bring him down!

Up on Mt. Wrightson, all covered with cheese...
(I wish I hadn't gotten my big old head in the way of our guest's Wendy! Bad form!)
Sarae, John Guest and me!

After hiking to some ancient ruins in southern Utah, the group from HikeArizona just couldn't contain the happiness. Potsheds and corncobs and metates, oh my!
(Mike, Rob, Anne, Randy, Anglea, me and Megan!)

Angela's very special victory dance for coming in 3rd on the hike home! Go girl!