Thursday, January 7, 2010

After an extended hiatus...

We all know the holidays are CRAZY, and that I tend to go a little nuts (along with the rest of my extended family). But, we're over that wall now and coasting back through a new year. Huzzah! So, what are your resolutions for 2010? Lose weight? Get in shape? Balance your checkbook? Take those vitamin supplements your doctor recommended? I've got a better one:
These folks know how: (And be warned, there's a touch of backlog and catching up in this one!)
One of my personal heros - Sirena. This photo was taken when she "crossed the finish line" on her hike of the 800 mile Arizona trail to raise awareness about Fibromyalgia. You've got to check out her blog!
Hank on Byous Butte in the Tonto National Forest. Has he found the Lost Duchman Mine?
Or was he being held up by bandits?

Up on Wasson Peak, Ray got a whole new group doin' it!

Anne on the Bell Trail in warmer days...

Tiffani got Sponge Bob intot he act when she visited Vegas! He's stealing my moves!

Tiffani again - this time out in the wilds at
Miner's Needle in the Superstition Mountains. Yup, this girl gets around!

Joe Bartels on one of the
Four Peaks of the Mazatzals. I think he's got a cabin or hot tub or something (stash of illicit substances?) up there...

Ambika and Angela took turns celebraing the light at the end of the tunnel in their hike on the Goldfield Ovens Loop!

Go Angela!!!

John and Linda on the Quartz Peak Trail. Starting to see a specialty category of "Wendy on a Rock"...

Bob with more "Wendy on a Rock" - at Black Cross Butte Nothing short of awesome!

Angela achieved a personal goal with John and Randy in tow - she dragged them up Flatiron in the Superstitions! Go girls - um, I mean girls and boys!

...I told you there was some catching up to do here!!!

Lucky, Bonnie, Te Wa and Robert in White Canyon with an Arizona Backpacking Club Trip.
That's a throwdown!

Okay, so I'm embarassed to admit, I don't know anything about this photo other than that it's someone named Tyler and he's on a Sunrise Hike. Anyone know where I've lost my brain today?

Tim! My man in Asia! Another world first - Throwing a Wendy in Thailand!
Trust me, he's learning to smile there!

My main Wendy Throwing Maniac, Angela with her photog buddy Ambika on the trail to Basset Peak in the height of the foliage frenzy. Feeling a little left out, but loving the pictures they come home with!

Here's my own fall foliage trek into the Chiricahuas in Southeastern AZ. I didn't want to block the scenery this time!