Wednesday, March 31, 2010

March Is Almost Over!

Made it just in time for a "monthly post" to work! The Wendys have been coming in like clockwork - Due largely to some of the FANTASTIC weather we've been having out here! It seemed that spring was already in the air, and people were sprouting up everywhere!

Exploring southeastern Utah, the land of slick rock canyons, red bluffs and remnants of ancient civilization. Grand Gulch, Valley of the Gods, Monument's ALL good!

Flat Stanley gets into the Wendy action at Grand Gulch. Go Stanley!

Anne, Randy, Rob, Bill, Alex and me saying "we love slickrock canyons!"

Tim was the first to attempt a "Triple Flying Wendy". Maybe more practice session with the students in Thailand...Maybe a Wendy tutor is needed...hmmmm

I think Tim's enjoying life as an English teacher in Thailand...either that or those young students are giving him a stick up!

Te-Wa the traveling wonder squirrel (Mike) on his whirlwind tour of the Tonto Plateau at the Grand Canyon. Snow on the rim and a squirrel with a backpack. Will wonders never cease?

Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument near Ajo, Arizona. John was the first to make the summit of Mt. Ajo. Luckily, he used this clever maneuver to save us a spot up there!

Wayne, Angela, John and I on Mt. Ajo - and I think the camera was a little frightened of the exposure!

Hitting the Arizona trail in the Mazatzal Mountains north of Phoenix. Yup. I'm nuts.

Mike (Te Wa again) in the San Juan Mountains - like ages ago. I just dug this up for the heck of it - I think because I was longing to see something green!
A group of daredevil hikers from on their trip up Flatiron in the Superstition Mountains. I hear there was a wild cry of " BlaWEraaNsgbE"...which I guess means Wendy in mountain speak...

Same hike - Joe, Jake (hpp), John and Bob posing for Tortoise Hiker's documentation of the trip. Too bad Joe's the only one who's really having a good time
Fan hiking the Agua Fria River. Or, from what I'm told, scrambling up a hill to get away from the Agua Fria River...

coanbru says "My that Wendy is a tall drink of water" ...yeah, the sun makes stretching nice...
Spur Cross Loop.

Multnomah Falls, OR seems to bring the Wendy out in everyone - here Cindy gets into the act!

Brian throws a Wendy and Kelli captures it on film. What's truly amazing is that the waterfall is Massacre Falls in the Superstition Mountains! Go Spring!

Angela has perfected the art of not only the desert Wendy, but the Wendy collage! She's been all over the place this month - covering the Superstitions canyon by canyon!

The Arizona Backpacking Club in Turkey Creek near Aravaipa, Arizona. And it only took 8
tries to get it right!

Get out there! Do the Wendy! Live it!