Friday, May 7, 2010

Okay, so I missed April..

But only because I was out enjoying the FANTASTIC weather we've been having! Not only was April a wonderful month for temps, wildflowers and flowing streams, it was also a time to see and explore whole new worlds!

From Tim, another attempt at a "Flying Wendy" - I believe this one is a "Half-Flying Wendy"

All the way from Egypt, I bring you Shannon and her Wendy for Three!

The Arizona Backpacking Club at Rainbow Bridge...

Carmen was with the ABC group - and she held the bridge up while they made it under!

Tom Summits Battleship Mountain, and celebrates his victory!

Sirena said that it was wild-flower induced spring fever that made her pop a Wendy on top of Wasson Peak!

Shannon makes this entry to the "design your own pose" competition from atop Flatiron in the Superstitions. It's bold, it's daring, it's a Shannon. Yeah baby!

Tiffani's entry...hmmmm. Well, it might have been a combo between a mermaid pose and a Wendy, or she might have just fallen off the rock and been caught by the camera, we couldn't quite decide which...

Rob, our Really Northern Arizona Correspondent, at Alstrom Point in the Glen Canyon Recreation Area...

Tiffani and Mike spent spring break in Joshua Tree NP and Anza Borego State Park, in CA. Here they found incredible mountains, beautiful waterfalls, and Joshua Trees that do the Wendy!

Andy hiking in the Sierra Ancha Mountains in central Arizona. Such an amazing year for snow - it was still everywhere even in late April!

Vaporman Brian has spent the spring exploring some of Arizona's wildest technical canyon - including Seven Cataracts/Willow Canyon in the Santa Catalinas... Have ropes, will rappel!

Berk gets a double this month, or maybe a triple?! Top is his 'bitin' your fingernails' Wendy on the Royal Arch loop at the Grand Canyon. I'm told it wasn't as bad as it looks, but I'm not sure I believe it... Second is atop Flatiron. Don't you think that rock formation is doing a negative-space Wendy???
Angela and I enjoy the riparian beauty of Romero Canyon in the Santa Catalinas

April saw me all over the place, hiking every chance I got. But nothing that month was grander than 3 days in Grand Gulch in southern Utah. Anasazi Dwellings, pictographs, slickrock canyons and monster trees. It just makes me wanna...