Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Summertime, and the livin' is easy...

I still remember when summer meant freedom...when those weeks away from school were filled with lazy days on the couch in front of the tv, trips to the park pool, eternal car rides to the pines and melting popsicles. Not much has changed, except that I stay away from popsicles and I've traded cool mountain streams for the park pool... It seems like everyone is getting out there for some fun in the summer sun!

Rosin visited the Navajo Nation in northern AZ and rocked Monument Valley...

Yup, it's June in Arizona, and there is STILL snow on the San Francisco Peaks! My favorite Hippie/Punk/Pirate throws a Wendy to celebrate his ascent to the highest peak in AZ (though he did it safely on the side of the mountain to avoid being blown away!)

The Arizona Backpacking Club high in the Rincons, trying to escape the summer heat. This place is the BEST!

Here's a catch-up Wendy from April... the Arizona Backpacking Club at Grand Gulch, after four days of fighting brush, mud, sand and deep canyon. Ah, but the treasures we discovered hidden on the high canyon walls!

Joe Bartels on Horse Thief Lake dam. Reportedly he was too exhausted to raise his arms, but somehow the spirit came over him anyhow. The Bradshaws'll do that to ya!

Crown King is the jewel of the Bradshaws, and a place near and dear to my own heart. When these two at the Saloon agreed to throw a Wendy for Coanbru, well, I was tickled. I was disappointed to hear, however, that they at first suspected a holdup...
In Woods Canyon - a classic Wendy-on-a-rock!

There are Flying-Wendys, and then there are Wendys-in-flight... What better place than Fossil Springs to celebrate the joy of summer?! Brian doesn't seem to think there is one!

Jim Lyding took his mom hiking up on Mingus Mountain - what a great guy! I think it's clear that she likes hitting the trail with her boy!

Kelli and Brian have been crawling through nearly every narrow canyon in Arizona (and a few in Utah, such as here in Behunin Canyon) since spring...such incredible, beautiful adventures!
And here, in the upper portion of Woods Canyon... I believe I'll call this a Straddling-a-Raging-Torrent-Wendy!

Joe and a few other folks from Hikearizona.com get Red to throw a Wendy up on his fire-tower perch! Awesome!

Tiffani and Mike exploring the creek - and Mike got a little happy!

Justin and Amy do New Mexico - with style and enthusiasm!

Angela created a trip-tich of Lilo and I at Spur Cross on Easter Weekend... I think Lilo needs to figure the whole shoulder-socket thing out!

With Fan and Sarah on our 4 day trip on the Grand Enchantment Trail - here in the narrows of Midnight Canyon. Three days sweating and hiking, and we still like each other! Now THAT's worth a Wendy!

I had to go back to Eagle Creek - such an incredible place! I explored a few of the short, narrow canyons that branched off to the side - just me and Lilo. Alone in one of the most beautiful places on earth. Yup. Life's Good!

Tim continues to bring the Wendy to the world...and perfecting the Flying-Wendy with the girls of Thailand!

Such amazing things to see over there - no wonder he looks so happy!

Practicing the Wendy has unexpected benefits, like helping your arm muscles be strong enough to hold up entire cliffs!

Yup, I'd be celebrating if I was surrounded by such beauty, too...

And in the continuing saga of the Animal-Wendy, we have this entry. As Tim explained "he's doing his best with what he's got"!

And this guy - king of the sky and he knows it. I only wish I had wings to add to my own Wendy!