Friday, February 12, 2010

A Wet Winter full of Wendys...

So the predicted "El Nino" finally showed up, and we've been getting lots of rain here in the Old Pueblo. In the high country, though, that means SNOW, and lots of it!!! What a time to be outside!

Someone got a little cold at Hart Prairie, perhaps there's a Mr. Redfield under there somewhere, and a little chicken soup will bring him out???

Tiffani and Mike tried to climb Mt. Elden the first day after the epic snow storms came through Flagstaff. Note I said "tried". Nothing like 5' of fresh powder to slow you up a bit!

For me, it was off to Madera Canyon and Mt. Wrightson with a crazy bunch of show shoeing maniacs. I'm getting to love the white stuff more and more, as my desert brain begins to cast off the notion that frozen water is just plain unnatural!
(Carla, Steve, Sara, Sue, Liz and me!)

My fellow hanging-hiker Fan, enjoying the Superstitions mountains instead of the deep snow in the Rincons at the end of January. Hooray for sunshine!

Angela, Kat, Ambika, Bruce and John did a great hike on the Rough Eye Javelina Loop in early February - a the best way to escape the cold snow! They were throwin' Wendy's everywhere!
Yup, it was quite the Wendy-on-a-Rock festival!
Nice triptych - good composition. I give it an A for form!

Brilliant saturation! Angela captures yet another joyous desert moment with Linda, Robert and Jim on the victory point of "Little Four Peaks". The big daddy may be in the background, but it doesn't sour the moment!

More shots of the January Quartz Peak hike Angela, Ambika, Linda and John recorded in last month's blog entry... The Wendy-on-a-rock, brought to new heights!

Somewhere in here, I got a new hiking/traveling partner. Lil' Bit is a perfect helper for getting the Wendy out into the wilds!

The Grand Canyon is just as spectacular and exciting in January, with a robe of snow all over the upper cliffs! Mike, Tiffani, Sarae and Heidi even stopped to celebrate crossing the mighty Colorado on the elegant Silver Bridge.

On the same trip, Steve and some others headed up to Ribbon Falls, which was flowing strong with all the recent precipitation. Peace out, Steve.

And Heidi - bless that fearless woman! Her first Grand Canyon backpack trip, and no amount of cold or discomfort could wipe the smile off her face!

Just to catch up with some out of date stuff that I've missed, I made a HUGE mistake by not including my dear Hippiepunkpirate (HPP)'s Wendy from October in Sedona. His personalization is priceless!

Where will YOU take the Wendy???