Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Season of Growth, a Season of Change - Parte Uno

More archived photos from last summer... These have made me long for our monsoons!

An ephemeral waterfall in Sabino Canyon above Tram Stop 9... The thrill of discovery, the joy of water in the desert AND rainbows. Can't lose with that stuff!

Jammed Log Pool - Sabino Canyon 2010...I wonder what it looks like this year? I wonder when we'll be able to get in there and find out!

Randy drowning in wildflowers in the Santa Ritas...Be careful, Randy - those columbines are pretty...pretty deadly!Now THAT's a hill!Shadow Wendys...wish I remembered where these were! Ah, the trials of age!

Jake goes a little Frankenstein with his celebration...

A Season of Growth, a Season of Change - Parte Dos

An archived post that never made the blog... Step one of getting the blog back up is to catch up with old friends...

In case you were wondering, scientists, climatologists, and meteorologists seem to have finally come to an agreement that the humid, stormy conditions in Arizona during the late summer are indeed the result of a "monsoon" system. While not every storm that rolls through is technically monsoonal activity, the dramatic increase in humidity is the classic monsoon signature - and blesses us with the joy of sweat and mosquitoes whether the rains come or not. This is why so many Arizonans choose to travel in the late summer months to places with more bearable weather conditions - and why California and Colorado suddenly are bursting at the seams with Zonies seeking just a weekend of solace from the heat!

Tiffani and Mike to an extended tour of California, including some of the most spectacular overlooks in Yosemite. I've been told that the park is still recovering from their visit.

The terrible-two-oh also conquered the coast of Big Sur. While normally not into grey, overcast weather, I have to admit this looks refreshing at the moment!
San Francisco and the Golden Gate really cooled them off... Prompting a "sleeves over cold hands Wendy" - something typically only seen in the winter months.
This is actually an archival Wendy - thrown by Tiffani in 2008, before we'd even met! More evidence of the pose as a universal symbol of "life is good"!

Shannon hit the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California not once but twice this summer - throwing yet another double for the team. After her adventures with the ABC in Kings Canyon last month, she checked out Sequoias in Yosemite, then proudly conquered Half Dome! If you can keep up with her, you're a better man than me!

The Shannon (her own signature hero), The Wendy (proudly thrown by Tyler), and The John. Nothing feels better than the edge of the world!

Summit of Half Dome. Awesome Shannon!
Julia and her friend Jen toured the high country in Colorado along Conundrum Creek. It really does feel like heaven to pull into a beautiful camping spot after a long day on the trail!

Janelle celebrated the glorious standstone formations in Moab in classic style. Some places are just beyond our ability to measure except with our arms thrown wide!
And our latest entry to the Wendy-on-a-rock category, from Tate atop Sniktau Mt. in Colorado.

Angela and Ambika explored a stomping ground much closer to Angela's Montana roots at Glacier National Park. This place was MADE to throw Wendys around - just look at the majesty, at the splendor, at the fun!

And, from our Thailand Branch, Tim and his adventures in the Land of Smiles. It has certainly taught him how to use those cheek muscles!

A mini-Wendy? or a Whisper-Wendy?

His tour guides were excellent sports, don't you think?